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The “Glaros” salt industry has been active in the processing and marketing of salt since 1976, based in the region of the city of Drama, in northern Greece. We specialize in the processing of fine, coarse and semi-coarse salt, aimed at food processing industries, their preservation or as an additive to their final product. Such industries are mainly industries of dough, snacks, nuts, foods, cheese, oils, fish, etc. In addition, we supply salt to many large companies in the field of detergents and cosmetics, either as a raw material or as a special salt for water softening.


The goal of the company “Glaros” is to consistently supply high quality salt to our customers, who are industries and smaller companies with activity inside and outside the borders and require the maximum possible quality in a constant flow. Finally, we also have special categories of salts such as recrystallized salt (99.9% purity, with all the necessary certification mainly for export companies) and the salt tablet, an innovative product that replaces coarse salt and its weaknesses.

Especially for the last category (water softening), our company has entered the sector dynamically, with innovative products, such as the salt tablet. The special “Seagull” salt tablet guarantees the longevity of the softener and the excellent purity of the water in the tank that is recycled in the system for the regeneration of the resin. It offers 99.9% pure brine and is significantly slow to melt, offering the water only the specific percentage of brine it needs. It melts evenly, significantly reducing the time it takes to refill the bucket, saving product in fees, guaranteeing the best possible operation of the softener, with the least possible maintenance.

In the retail category – Cash n Carry, our products are on the shelves of neighborhood mini-markets throughout Greece, from end to end. In addition we cooperate with many local supermarket chains, as well as large Super Market chains selectively. We have a wide range of types of salt for everyday cooking, the table and any other culinary preparations. In addition to the common types of salt, we also have higher quality salts, such as salt from the lagoon of Messolonghi, as well as Himalayan mineral salt (pink). Messolonghi salt is pure salt without chemical additives with all the trace elements it has, allowing the salt to release all its salty taste. Pure and tasty salt, just like the old days. Himalayan salt comes to help us in a healthier lifestyle, making the smallest possible fluid retention in our body and helping the heart with better blood circulation.


The retail products are available in all the known packaging on the market. But mainly the PET packaging (plastic jar 200g, 400g, 750g) is what steals the impressions with the original design, as it is the only jar on the market that comes in transparent packaging. This was chosen for reasons of aesthetic superiority, but also as a statement of guarantee of the quality of the same product, its purity and the free flow it possesses. Our “Glaros” table jar is also available in Messolonghi and Himalayan salt, ensuring the freshness and taste of the final product.

Glaros” salt has come to give back to the family table, the old pure salty taste that is needed to make our food taste good.

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