What is salt?

  • Salt is called table salt or sodium chloride.
  • Salt is a solid, crystalline body with a specific gravity of 2.165.
  • It has a melting point of 801ºC and a boiling point of 1413ºC.
  • Dissolves in cold and hot water.
  • Salt has the great property of promoting the growth of microorganisms and is therefore used for food preservation.
  • Salt in food is stimulating and tonic.

Raw salt

Initially, salt as a raw material is collected from selected salt pans from all over Greece while its original form is crystalline and has a fairly large size.

Here at the Seagull industry, we use only natural methods to fragment and purify the first matter, so that we can give you the salt in its purest, purest form, without foreign impurities, unnecessary processing and with all its nutrients.

The salt crystal

After the natural processing methods we use, which are baking the salt, breaking it into cylinders and re-baking it, we receive the salt in its final form for daily use.

Its form is polygonal crystalline, i.e. like the original, natural form of salt but in a smaller, practical size and clean of foreign impurities.

The final product

Finally, the salt is divided into categories based on its final size, packed and through our proprietary transport network, distributed throughout Greece and abroad, so that it is affordable and accessible to all of you!

Our company

Having been founded in 1983, the GLAROS company supplies not only the Greek, but also the European market with excellent quality sea salt.

Our Products

For industrial use

alati sakoula

For home use

alati megalo